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Meet Our Makers

At Coco & Kandy we believe in more than just creating beautiful clothing. We're passionate about the hands and hearts that shape each piece, ensuring ethical practices from start to finish.

With their 20 years experience delivering a feat of technological excellence and luxury finish. our makers, puts not only their clients at first But no less important are our employees, all partners, suppliers and collaborators. That is why they started with the working conditions of our employees, financial and domestic. they have defined strict criteria for the work conditions of our employees and subcontractors. These include pay, place to rest and eat, light levels at the working premises, indoor air pollution, noise level and temperature. they create a file for each client, specifying every detail from the design of the first sample to the shipment of the finished product, personalized for each order. they control the costs of fabric and trimmings to achieve the most efficient result. they have mid-operational and final control which monitors compliance with technological consistency and quality and performance.