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Summertime is great, but only if you own clothes that are cool and comfortable. The biggest trends are sometimes clothes with the simplest designs, and this should be no surprise to anyone because basic trends tend to never go out of style. What does sometimes change is the material used for summer-time clothing because let’s face it, the more comfortable you are in the summer months, the more you’ll enjoy that time of year. Some of the coolest summer fashions for 2020 and beyond include the following articles of clothing:

  1. Lyocell Dress

Also called Tencel, lyocell is a fairly thin fabric that feels good against your skin. Soft and wrinkle-free, a dress made out of lyocell is one you can wear all summer long, and most of them are available in numerous colours. If you want to wear something that is both super comfortable and cool, lyocell is for you.

  1. Organic Cotton Dress

The only thing better than a lightweight cotton dress is one that is also organic. Organic means the cotton was grown without anything artificial, which will automatically make the dress much more comfortable. This type of dress provides the ultimate in comfort during those warm and often miserable summer months.

  1. Bamboo Dress

Bamboo isn’t familiar to everyone, but clothing made with bamboo is lightweight, cool, and best of all, tends to last for a very long time. If you don’t like replacing your clothes on a regular basis throughout the season, choosing something made out of bamboo is always a smart option.

  1. Supima Cotton Dress

Supima cotton has the distinction of being one of the softest and yet one of the strongest types of cotton, so a dress made out of this cotton is going to be both super comfortable and long-lasting. It is sometimes a bit expensive, but it is well worth what you have to spend on it because of its quality.

  1. Viscose Cotton Dress

Viscose is yet another type of cotton that is usually mixed with a small amount of rayon, and like some other forms of cotton, viscose has a bit of cellulite in it. Viscose is a strong but super-soft cotton that is a perfect material for summer dresses because it keeps you nice and cool regardless of what the temperature is.

  1. Modal Dress

TENCEL™ Modal is protected by a global certification system. Lenzing has developed environmental processes for the manufacture of their modal which are not currently commercially available to others. Modal fabric is made from beech trees, and the process of making clothes out of this material requires far less water than other materials. This is why dresses and other garments made out of modal fabric are considered to be much more eco-friendly and better for the environment.

  1. Linen Dress

While linen can be a bit more expensive than other materials, it is clearly one of the most comfortable materials you can wear. Linen absorbs sweat and therefore keeps you cool in warm months, and if it wrinkles, all you have to do is sprinkle some water on it and smooth it out with your hands.

  1. Hemp Dress

Hemp has been used for thousands of years to make a host of products. It’s a super-soft, breathable, and durable fabric that breaks in beautifully over its lifespan — providing lightweight coverage when temperatures begin to climb.