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What Is Resort Wear Dress Code?

What Is Resort Wear Dress Code?

There are lots of things to think about when planning a vacation or when an invitation to an event arrives in the mail. One of the biggest is, what will you wear?

Most of us are familiar with formal, semi-formal, and business dress codes. But what is resort wear?

First, let’s describe the concept and overall feel of resort wear clothing and dress codes. Then, we’ll look at what this means for men, children, and especially women.

Resort Wear

Generally speaking, resort wear is a style of clothing that is dressier than casual, but not as formal as business or business casual dress codes.

Resort-style clothing is meant to be comfortable and relaxing. Brings the vacation to you wherever you are with bight lightweight fabrics and flowy, effortless styles. Garments that can be worn from your casual lunch through beautiful sunsets, cocktail or a nice romantic dinner.

Unacceptable items include torn jeans or cut-offs (or anything torn), short shorts, swimwear, sweat clothes or workout clothes, or exposed midriffs or anything revealing too much skin.

Women’s Resort Wear

It is the bridge between day and evening. As with most types of women’s clothing, there are more options for women than men when it comes to resort wear.

In addition, sundresses are great for resort wear, as long as they don’t look like a swim cover-up. Dresses are perennial favourites for women’s resort wear, in fact! Certain pieces make you feel like you’re on holiday, even if you’re not. Relaxed, sometimes brightly coloured or beautiful tropical patterned tops, shorts, capris, pants, Coastal flowy dresses, skirts, coverups,  big tote bags, cute nautical details, and more. It may include women's dressy dresses for formal evening wear or casual outfits for daytime excursions. Aim for a length around the knee, and cap sleeves or very short sleeves. or don't forget for the perfect maxi dress with open back.

For women’s tops, flowy tops with floral or striped patterns work well, camisoles and T-shirts. If you choose a form-fitting top, pair with a knee-length skirt, while a loose top looks great with form-fitting pants or a pencil skirt.

On their feet, women can also get away with sandals (get those pedicures, ladies!), but not flip-flops. Flats or something with a small heel work well.

Men’s Resort Wear

For bottoms, khaki-style pants are perfect, especially in nontraditional colours. Dressy shorts are fine too, especially ones with patterns on them, as are nice jeans (although it’s more fun to wear coloured khakis!). On top, nice polo shirts are great, as are linen shirts and collared shirts. Even a nice Hawaiian shirt will work. For footwear, a nice pair of sandals are okay, but closed-toe shoes are better.

Feel free to incorporate some flair with boat shoes, a bright belt, or layering shirts. You should look like you’re on vacation, after all!

Children’s Resort Wear

Like a lot of styles, mini versions of adult resort wear clothes are good for kids. There are a lot of stores and brands that make this style for children, and in some ways, it fits them even better, since we often accept louder colours and patterns on children than adults, anyway.

Children can get away with sandals more easily, as long as they aren’t athletic looking. They should not wear swimwear or sportswear.

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