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Revamp Your Summer Wardrobe With These Must-Have Dresses


Summer is finally here! That means it’s time to leave the house, enjoy the weather and explore somewhere new! Whether you're headed to the beach, lounging in the sun, or sailing the seas on a yacht, make sure you’re ready for every occasion this year. With a few Coco & Kandy essentials, we can help revamp your wardrobe with stylish, lightweight dresses that will bring a shine to the season. 

So, what summer dresses are trending this year?

With the warmer weather rolling in, one of the main questions we’re asked is, “Which summer dresses should I be wearing this year?” As fashion trends constantly evolve, we decided to send our experts on a search to find out what’s in the suitcase for this summer.

This year, versatility has been at the forefront of fashion, with a high proportion of people seeking day-to-night style dresses that are designed with light, airy fabrics. Summer dresses that are effortless to style yet provide comfort in the heat have gained popularity, with lots of interest in the use of sustainable fabrics. 

If you're in search of a light summer dress that will give you effortless style and comfort, we can point you in the right direction. Look no further than our Endless Summer Collection. The collection features a range of stunning dresses made from high-quality materials, designed to keep you cool all summer long.

One of the standout pieces from the collection is the elegant Lily Maxi Dress. This stunning dress features a lightweight, flowy Tencel™ lyocell fabric that will keep you both fashionable and comfortable under the sun. This season’s must-have is available in classic black and ocean blue. The refined spaghetti straps and low cut back adds a touch of elegance, making this a perfect addition for a hot summer’s day. 

Building A Sustainable Summer Wardrobe 

We’ve noticed an increase in the awareness of sustainable summer dresses, and rightly so! With a conscious approach to fashion, we all want to make an effort to be kinder to the planet. At Coco & Kandy, we source ethical fabrics that not only bring premium quality to your wardrobe but responsibility alike. You can learn more about this in our previous article, Building A Sustainable Wardrobe: Tips For Curating A Timeless Resort Wear Collection.

One must-have luxury dress that’s stylish yet comfortable is our Avani Mini Dress. The fabric is made from soft bamboo cotton, perfect for the eco-conscious fashionista. 

This dress has become a big wardrobe staple due to the way it shimmers in the light, bringing sleek sophistication to your summer. We couldn’t recommend it enough, see for yourself! 

Fashion, Nature, Art.

If you’re looking for a summer dress that’s inspired by nature, watercolour palettes, and earthy pastel tones, then we have the perfect addition to your collection. 

Designed and made in Barcelona by talented Gina Cusachs, the Aqua Long Dress is fabricated from 100% natural materials which is reflected in the sea blue shades and soft sunset tones. With a focus on being worn in numerous ways and occasions, the long summer dress is femininity at its finest.

Revamping your summer wardrobe with these must-have dresses will keep you comfortable and stylish during the hot summer season. Coco & Kandy’s luxury summer dresses are suitable for every occasion. Whether you live the coastal lifestyle all year round or dream of going somewhere exotic, our Endless Summer Collection will keep your wardrobe up to date with the latest trends of the season. Head to our shop and find your perfect dress today!

Happy shopping!

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