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How to Style Maxi Dresses

How to Style Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are the perfect attire for the warmer months ahead. Featuring long, free-flowing skirts that drop to your ankles or floor, maxi dresses are light and comfortable. They also come in a wide range of designs and prints to suit any body type and personal style.

The only problem is deciding how to style your maxi dress. Use this short guide to dress your maxi dress up or down for any occasion.

What Is a Maxi Dress?

Maxi dresses were introduced in the late 1960s. They are known for having ankle-length skirts and typically made with breathable fabrics, such as cotton and rayon blends.

In womens fashion, maxi dresses have become a staple of the summer months. Many maxi dresses qualify as sundresses, as they tend to have wide necklines and thin shoulder straps with a sleeveless design.

As the dress is light and loose-fitting, it can look a little bland on its own, which is why most women choose to style their maxi dresses with various accessories. The right belt, bracelets, and other accessories can completely transform your look.

Finding the Right Shoes to Pair with a Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are often worn during the summer for informal activities, such as strolling the beachfront or joining friends for lunch. For a casual look, you can simply wear sneakers.
Consider wearing white sneakers to contrast a solid colour maxi dress. However, sandals are the most popular choice.

Sandals go great with these dresses as they complement the light, airy style, especially when wearing strappy sandals.

If you are on the shorter side, you may want to choose shoes that give you a little more height. Wedges are suitable for a casual style while taller heels can be useful for a slightly more formal look.

How to Accessorize Your Maxi Dress During the Summer

Along with shoes, you may want to include additional accessories to style your dress. For a bohemian look, wear multiple dangly bracelets on each arm.

You could also wear a statement necklace to take advantage of the wide neckline of the dress. Statement necklaces include necklaces that are chunky or attention-grabbing, such as a necklace with a large pendant.

If the loose, flowing style of the maxi dress makes you uncomfortable, cinch the waist with a belt. Choose a wide belt with a large buckle to complement the style of the dress.

A large shoulder bag can help complete the outfit, as a larger bag provides better balance with the flowing dress compared to a small clutch or purse.

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