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Dress Styling: Keeping Warm in Winter

Dress Styling: Keeping Warm in Winter

Summer dresses are a no-brainer: nothing keeps you cool like a sundress! What is more, they are stylish, attractive, and made for every body type.

But what about winter dresses? Many women and girls love the feminine look and feel of wearing dresses, and want to carry it into the colder months.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways to stay warm while wearing a dress, even on the coldest days. Let’s take a look at some ways to make winter dresses work without sacrificing style.

Look for Wintery Fabrics and Designs

Thin fabric works well in summer, but you need something warmer in winter. Luckily, there are gorgeous dresses in warmer fabrics. Wool and mohair, both made from animals, are certainly among the best. In addition, velvet and flannel work well.

It doesn’t just have to be on the outside, either. You can find dresses with fleece lining or other types of insulation for extra warmth. In fact, just about any material (even breathable cotton) works, as long as it is thick enough.

There are also dresses that are specifically designed for warmer weather, beyond the fabric used. Long-sleeved dresses will keep your arms warm, and a longer skirt helps protect your legs from the elements.

Try Layering

Layering is a great way to make any dress into a winter dress. Underneath, a turtleneck in a neutral colour looks smart with a jumper. Perhaps the most popular layer – tights – can keep your legs warm, especially if you buy them in a thicker material or even fleece-lined. Bonus, they’re super soft!

There are also lots of stylish ways to layer over a dress for winter. Sweaters are an obvious choice. For a change of pace, try a bright sweater over a neutral dress. In addition, vests of all kinds – from athletic vests to fur vests – make great winter layers that add a lot of warmth.

Smart Footwear

If your feet are cold, you’ll have trouble feeling warm at all, so that’s why proper footwear is essential to winter comfort. Boots are the most obvious choice with winter dresses for a number of reasons, not the least of which is because they keep your feet dry and protected from the elements.

Another plus for wearing boots is that you can add another layer underneath them, even if you’re already wearing tights. Throw a pair of wool socks on for extra toastiness. Consider knee-high or even boots that go over your knees.

Accessorize for Warmth

In addition to boots and layers, there are other accessories that can help keep you warm when you’re wearing a dress in the winter. Lots of women love scarves, and they’re ideal with dresses because of their versatility. Pull it up over your head when you’re outside, wrap it around your shoulders in a cool conference room, or even throw it over your legs at your desk.

Be Prepared for Going Outside

Finally, be prepared for the time that you must spend outside or exposed to the cold air. If you walk to work, consider wearing thick winter boots and changing when you reach the office. This is a great option if you prefer wearing heels or ballet flats.

A long, thick coat is a must for wearing winter dresses. We recommend investing in something high quality and well-made. They never go out of style, so you’ll have it forever.

Always wear a hat, since so much body heat escapes through your scalp. Keep your hat in mind when you style your hair for the day and pack a brush just in case.

It’s Your Style

However you wear it, winter dresses should leave you feeling and looking as good as they do in the summer. Choose the right accessories and enjoy your feminine look all year round.

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