Our mission is to create pieces that last, both through timeless design and integrity to ensure quality, durability and longevity. Our garments are made from responsibly sourced, premium natural or botanical origin fabrics which we have designed to be worn beyond the usual, one-season fashion cycle.

We believe in minimal wastage as we transform unsold pieces into new designs, respecting our resources as we honour their quality with a second life. Our approach to slow fashion opposes the current fast fashion crisis our planet faces today.

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Ethically Made 

We operate along slow fashion principles of quality, eco-friendly materials and ethical production. All our fabrics are made in Portugal and our garments are manufactured in small factories in Bulgaria where we support trade in local communities. We are dedicated to working alongside our partners to ensure responsible business practices are in place. This reflects our fundamental brand values of integrity and transparency.

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Our Goals and Intiatives

Our commitment is to long term sustainability and responsible business practices. We endeavour to make the best decisions within our power to propel the textiles industry forward into a more ethical way of business. Thoughtful processes have allowed us to make impactful changes within our business as we work to minimise the impact of our work. Our journey has lead us to ensure we have an in depth understanding of the source of all materials used as well as ensuring we offset our carbon emissions.

Environmental Impact

We constantly drive to make positive changes with an innovative mentality within our industry. We have recently partnered with One Tree Planted to help us give back to our planet. This mean that for each product sold we plant one tree. 

To further reduce our environmental impact we work remotely, digitally and with a waste-free, paperless mentality where we can. In our business we have found ways to reuse and reduce fabric wastage by using cut-offs to make hair accessories.

When sending our garments to our customers, we use only biodegradable packaging – our stickers and bags are made from corn starch and paper, our box is biodegradable, and each garment is wrapped in tissue paper. Even our thank you note is made from recycled paper.

To continue our evolution to a sustainable fashion business, we are seeking partnerships with other non-profit organisations to protect our oceans and reefs.

Giving Back

The garments which we do not sell, and cannot redesign into new pieces, are donated to orphanages and charities. Our excess stock is donated to our apparel partners who help to empower women in need. These organisations include Thread together, Worn for good, Dress for success or The Red Cross.