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Coco and Kandy: The New Standard in Sustainable Fashion

February 4, 2022

Since most of us are trying to be kinder to Mother Earth, choosing products that are more sustainable is becoming more important. Manufacturers are responding to this quest by coming out with more sustainable products that include nearly every product out there, and this now includes the clothes that we wear. The truth is, it uses up a lot of resources to make just about every type of fabric there is, but manufacturers are now developing sustainable types of fabric to help reduce the clothing we now put in the landfills.

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Knowing Your Fabrics Is a Good Start

Fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and acrylic now take up roughly 8% of the solid waste in landfills, and they take decades or more to biodegrade. Choosing second-hand and “retro” garments instead of buying new clothing is a good place to start, but if you really want to make a difference, you can choose some of the sustainable fabrics now being used to make clothing. These include:

  • Bamboo
  • Modal
  • Linen
  • Hemp
  • Organic cotton
  • Some wools
  • Pinatex
  • Silk
  • Tencel/Lyocell
  • Reclaimed (AKA deadstock)
  • Recycled polyester

Unfortunately, there is not one single fabric that is perfect in every way, so your best bet is to research these and other fabrics and learn as much about them as you can. Different people have different preferences when it comes to the fabrics they love, but once you find the sustainable clothing brand you like best, you’ll benefit greatly from choosing this type of fabric.

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What Makes Coco and Kandy Different?

Coco and Kandy creates sustainable clothing and offers minimalist, clean lines that complement both city and suburban lifestyles. You can mix and match a lot of our clothing and save yourself some money, and we offer basic tees, all sorts of tops, dresses, and so much more. If you love clothing that is both sustainable and elegantly simple, this is the company for you. From essential pieces that everyone needs to specialised clothing for special occasions, we have it all, and they’re a lot less expensive than you think.

The thing is, the Coco and Kandy line of clothing is so simple that it is also timeless, which means you’ll be able to wear the clothes for many years to come. The clothing is made out of materials such as bamboo, organic cotton, and Lyocell, so they won’t unravel after a few months like many other brands do. They’ll remain soft, comfortable, and in great shape for a very long time, giving you a lot of enjoyment out of them and enabling you to wear clothes that both look great and feel great.

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Not all clothing is sustainable, but Coco and Kandy offer great clothing that is sustainable and can be worn on the beach or on the city streets. The goal of the company is to be kind to Mother Earth at every opportunity, which means using all-natural and responsibly sourced fabrics is the thing we do best. Whether you are a casual person or like to dress up every now and then, Coco and Kandy promises to have something you’ll love.