Coco & Kandy is the result of a desire to create premium quality garments that are comfortable, simple and yet effortlessly elegant. Clean, minimalist and uncomplicated lines that bode well with the beach or City lifestyle.

Who we are

With a deep respect for the Ocean and Earth, and a desire for simplicity and sustainability, we decided to create a label that embodied a carefree and fun lifestyle with essential pieces that belong in every woman’s wardrobe. Influenced by much time spent along the Côte d’Azur, Balearic and Greek Islands, and a partner from Coastal Australia, we wanted to strike a balance between the feminine and refined Mediterranean style with the understated Californian and Australian Coastal look.

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Noelani Long dress with side split

Our Core Values

We wanted our Brand identity to mirror our own philosophy of treading lightly on the earth, so you will find that all of our garments are made only from responsibly sourced, natural fabrics that have been created to be worn beyond the usual, one season fashion cycle. We believe in slow fashion and want to do our part in reducing the terrible impact that the fast fashion industry is having on the environment. Elegant, Sustainable and Eco-friendly fashion, that does not cost the Earth!

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